Husqvarna Viking

Basically all your sewing basics

August 13, 2015

Machine Care, Product Knowledge, Sewing Tips

We help so many kids and adults get set up for sewing, and one of the first questions we address is “what do I need?” Sewing machine aside, there is…

Fluff and Stuff

January 16, 2015

Machine Care, Sewing Tips

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter F… For Fluff and Face and Funny and Fix.

Sewing with Polyester Thread - Pros and Cons

January 02, 2015

Machine Care, Product Knowledge, Sewing Tips

I think a lot of us are mainly concerned about matching the thread to our fabric, and don’t necessarily worry about the fibre content of the thread. And often time,…

How Wide to Make your Stitch when Using a Twin Needle

December 18, 2014

Machine Care, Sewing Tips

Twin needles were designed primarily for hemming on knits, but did you know they can be used decoratively as well? By using your decorative stitches and perhaps 2 colours of…

What happened to my serger blade?

November 07, 2014

Machine Care, Sewing Tips

Sometimes it happens suddenly, sometimes it happens over time, but your serger isn’t cutting the fabric nicely anymore. How does this happen and how can you ensure longer life for…