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Welcome to the Stitching Sewciety!

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Post by Erika on Saturday, January 23, 2016
Welcome to the Stitching Sewciety!
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The Stitching Sewciety is our way of saying THANKS for being a part of the Sew Etc family. There are lots of perks for everyone, with some special bonuses when you purchase a machine with us.

​Perks for Everyone

Stitching Sewciety Savings: As soon as you sign up you will start earning cash back! We will use your member card to track your purchases. As soon as you make six purchases, we will give you 10% of your total as a store credit. You can spend it right away, or you can store them up, or you can gift it. The choice is yours!

Double Dollar Days: Every once in a while, these will happen. Double your purchase amount will go on your card - that means two times back for you to spend!

Referral Rewards: Bring a friend in who hasn’t been in before. Whether they purchase needles or a new machine, their purchase will go on your card too.

Blue Card Bonuses

When you purchase a machine with us, you will get a blue Stitching Sewciety member card. And there are bonus perks for you!

Blue Card Bonus Classes: One class a month will be designated as a Blue Card Bonus Class. These ones are FREE to blue card holders, while there are seats available.

Random $10 Top Ups: You never know when they are coming, but they will happen twice a month. If you come in on one of these days, we will top up the record of your purchase with an extra $10.

So next time you are in, make sure you are signed up for our Stitching Sewciety! And if you are signed up, grab your card before you begin shopping, and be sure to bring it to the till so we can fill it out for you. Happy Stitching!

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