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Husqvarna Viking Convention 2015 - Day 3

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Post by Erika on Thursday, October 08, 2015
Husqvarna Viking Convention 2015 - Day 3
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Another whirlwind day for all of us! Wednesday we treated ourselves to some tourist-y stuff too, so we really packed the fun in…

More fun makes for a very long day though, so I apologize that this blog isn’t as timely as I would have liked. Today I finished up my Epic certification classes, while Chris, Lynda and Darla took other creative classes. You know how nice it is to get your project done in class, so you don’t have homework? That was me… Over the course of the training I finished a little bag designed to showcase some of the fun features, and to fit exactly in a spare pocket in the embroidery unit case. Practical and fun! Darla took the same class later in the week, so she will have the same sample for Whitby.

I also snuck out of class a few times to get some action shots of everyone in class. I have seen the girls’ work in progress, but we haven’t connected so I could see what they have finished - I’m pretty curious, and very much looking forward to their revealing! It was pretty cool to sneak into the room where the service training was going on too. That is one space I have never seen before. Rows and rows of naked machines, with parts littering the tables. Organized chaos at it’s best!

Last night was extra special though. Chris, Lynda and Darla went out to see Ka by Cirque du Soleil and by all accounts it was amazing. And then Nick spoiled me too. Remember I said this is the first time we are at convention together? Well, he took me to one of the premier Italian restaurants in North America for dinner. We sat in a cabana by a small lagoon and enjoyed ravioli with shaved white truffles and sea bass from Italian waters. If you are ever looking for an exceptional fine dining experience, we would absolutely recommend Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare at Wynn. Afterwards we wandered through the shops and enjoyed the lovely warm night air. It is going to be hard to come back to Ontario!

Wednesday was a lot of fun, and from where I sit now, Thursday was too. Come back soon for that post!

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