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Easy Peasy Whole Cloth Quilt

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Post by Erika on Saturday, February 25, 2017
Easy Peasy Whole Cloth Quilt
Categories: Quilting

If you need a quick baby gift, this whole cloth quilt will be your go-to choice. A simple appliqué, free motion quilting and a binding are all it takes!

​This project was inspired by the soggy grey days, which just make us crave something warm and cozy. Flannel seemed to fit the bill quite well. We used the same colour flannel for top and bottom, but you could go with different colours, or even a different fabric, like regular cotton or even minky on one side. Here’s the how to:


4 yards of flannel, cut in half to make two pieces approx 45"x60”. Hobbs Crib Sized fusible batting. 18"x18” piece of minky. 18"x18” piece of light fusible woven interfacing. 1 spool of King Tut by Superior threads. Topstitching needle. Long pins. Walking Foot. Free Motion Foot.

1: Prep your minky for appliqué. Fuse interfacing to the back of the minky, using a pressing motion with your iron - lift and lower the iron, holding it in place for 6-10 seconds before moving on to the next spot. Do not move your iron back and forth as this can shift the glue and cause wrinkles in the interfacing. The interfacing will eliminate the stretch in the minky, making it ready to be used as an appliqué.

2: Cut your appliqué shape. Draw half a heart on a piece of 8x11 paper. Fold your minky in half and cut a heart shape using your pattern. Or freehand it! If you don’t love the shape of your heart when you open it up, trim it as desired.

3: Apply the appliqué. Pin your appliqué onto the flannel using your long pins. We placed ours roughly in the lower right quadrant, on a bit of an angle. Put your pins in perpendicular to the edge of the fabric so they are easy to take out as you sew around the shape. Attach your walking foot or if you have a PFAFF, engage your IDT. Thread your machine with the King Tut and a topstitching needle. Choose a decorative stitch or a blanket stitch and sew around the edge of your appliqué heart, covering the raw edge with your stitches.

4: Baste your quilt. Lay the quilt back out on a large surface. Put the fusible batting on top, and then your quilt top over that. Use your iron to press the layers together. Having a big ironing board with a rectangular top like the Longboard from Reliable really helps with this. Press as before, about 6-10 seconds in each spot. Turn your project over and press from the back as well. The fusible batting can be repositioned, so if things shift a bit, peel it apart and place as needed.

5: Quilt the layers. Free motion as desired, or use your walking foot to quilt the layers. We free motioned hearts, spirals and doodles throughout. Other ideas could be echoing your heart, spiralling out with larger and larger hearts until the whole quilt is filled… use your walking foot and quilt a large grid to fill the back ground… use your walking foot and stitch rays coming out of the heart.

6: Trim the quilt. Lay out your project and straighten the edges. If you haven’t already done so, cut off selvedges. We used a dinner plate to curve the corners too.

7: Attach the binding. Use your method of choice. We got fancy and use the cover stitch on the serger together with a binding foot. If you try this, use a medium weight knit. We used a light weight knit and it caused some issues, so our binding isn’t perfect… The technique is very quick though, which is what we were going for!

And that’s it! Our little quilt will be in the store for a while, so feel free to pop in and check it out. All the products mentioned are available with us as well! Stay cozy for the rest of winter and have fun stitching!

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